Sailing along the Bosphorus

Setting sail from Eminonu

The minarets of the New and the Süleymaniye mosques were waving goodbye from the shore, wishing us a safe voyage. The seagulls, which would become our constant companions throughout the cruise, were starting to swirl around the stern. We were…
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Fort York, Toronto’s birthplace

The 1815 stone magazine stored 900 barrels of gunpowder. Its walls are 2 metre (6 feet) thick. The adjacent well provided clean water. This one is a reconstruction based on old army plans.

Did you know that American troops invaded Canada once? Yes – well done, you history buff you! No – don’t feel bad, I didn’t know it either. In 1812, the United States and Great Britain went to war. In April…
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Casa Loma, a medieval castle in… Toronto!

9 Casa Loma

“What do you mean a medieval castle in Toronto?”- You’re entitled to think someone’s pulling your leg. But no, they are not. In fact, there is such a thing in the Annex North neighbourhood: Casa Loma, a medieval inspired castle…
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Lake Buchanan and a submerged town – Texas

Lake Buchanan, Texas 5

If you don’t want to get funny looks from people, you’ll say /buhk hăn uhn/ when in Texas. Lake Buchanan is located in the Hill Country of Central Texas. Like most lakes in the state, it was artificially created as…
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Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar

Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

“How do I find this place again?” “Take a photo with your phone, that way you can ask for directions back here” My husband was sitting at a café inside the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul with a steaming cup of…
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A historic pizzeria experience in Buenos Aires

Our "pizza de musarela'

Melted cheese, baked dough, cardboard boxes, and the vapors from the espresso machine. Any old, traditional pizzeria in Buenos Aires smells like that. El Cuartito is one of those pizzerias, founded in 1934. It is a no-frills, paper tablecloth on…
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Córdoba’s Natural History Museum

Hello Mr Glyptodon!

As my young nephews and I walked down Poeta Lugones Avenue, skirting the lush Sarmiento Park, their excitement mounted. The boys, aged 5 and 7, live in a medium-sized town, so taking the bus sans parents to the big city…
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Walking tour of Old Montreal

The cupola of Bonsecours towers over the street

Vieux Montreal is a safe and lively neighbourhood tucked away between the St. Lawrence River and the center of town. It dates back more than 350 years and is the city’s birthplace. The area has a long and interesting history…
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Buenos Aires from the taxi

Hi there! Here’s a short video I shot from the taxi. I was on the tollway on my way to downtown Buenos Aires. This is a bit of what you see from the tollway and some at street level. Like…
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5 day trips from Buenos Aires

View of the basilica's towers in the twilight

Visiting a big city like Buenos Aires can be overwhelming at times: chaotic traffic, noise levels through the roof, swarms of people wherever you go. This didn’t use to bother me when I lived there; on the contrary, I rather…
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London: from Trafalgar Square to Covent Garden

Traf Square2

Hi there! Let me be your guide today. Come with me on a pleasant walk from Trafalgar Square to Covent Garden in the wonderful city of London. The starting point is Charing Cross underground station, not to be confused with…
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Mazamorra, Argentinean white hominy pudding


¡Mazamorra caliente para las viejas sin dientes! “Hot mazamorra for toothless ladies” was how freedwomen and  slaves advertised their dessert for sale in the street at the top of their voices. Or, at any rate, this is the romanticized image…
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Ride the historic M-Line trolley in Dallas

Turning round at Uptown Station

Are you in Dallas and at a loss what to do next? You have already been to the 6th Floor Museum and stood on the Grassy Knoll looking towards the spot where JFK was shot. You have been to as…
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Off-the-beaten path day trip from Buenos Aires: Capilla del Señor

The museum's courtyard

Every now and then, it is refreshing to get away from the hectic life of a big city and find that inner peace that keeps you going. Lately, I find myself more attracted to rural settings rather than busy urban…
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Aahhh the food – Córdoba series 3

An assortment of German-style meats and sauerkraut (called chucrut here)

You know when you hear people mention something, say a kind of fruit, that you had no idea existed? That’s what happened to me with cuaresmillos, the Shangri-La of candied fruit for me. I had heard family members praise these…
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Self-guided walk of Old Portsmouth

Portsmouth & Southsea station opened on 14 June 1847

I have been to Portsmouth before, on a previous visit to my in-laws. They live half-way between London and the south coast, so it’s easy for me to jump on the train and head south to Portsmouth for a day…
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Ely, a lovely medieval town in Cambridgeshire

The back of Ely cathedral

As we were getting closer, a few stragglers were scurrying towards the cathedral in the light fall rain. We made it just in time for the 10.30 sung Eucharist at Ely Cathedral. We didn’t plan on it but went with…
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Istanbul street scenes

A leisurely stroll around Sultanahmet Square in the late afternoon.

Allow me show you what I saw through my lens around Istanbul.               Like this:Like Loading…

An afternoon in Siena


The brightly coloured prints lure me into the shop. The handmade postcards, cards and scrolls hark back to a past era. The artisan kindly allows me to have a peek in his studio, where I see how he works. He…
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Genoa, our gateway to Italy


My impressions of Genoa in pictures Like this:Like Loading…

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