Guadalupe, Dallas Catholic Cathedral
The Cathedral, with its red brick walls and spire
Highlights of a walk in Historic Grapevine
Grapevine, settled in 1844, is known for its wineries and wine tasting rooms. Yes, it’s Texas but still.
Dallas Snapshots: Pioneer Cemetery Park
Settled in the 1840s, Dallas has a relatively short history. However,
Fileteado porteño, cultural symbol of Buenos...
Fileteado porteño is a form of popular art that originated in the city of Buenos Aires
My travel firsts
Sometimes, I like looking back on my travels and reminisce. Either I look at old photos or read my diaries....
See these Texas roadside attractions
Texas has her fair share of roadside attractions. We love “hunting” as many as we can when we go on our...
4 bookstores you must visit in Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires is steeped in history and culture and bookstores play an important role in maintaining culture alive.
Where to eat in the Texas Hill Country
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The trail to Gorman Falls at Colorado Bend State...
There are quite a few state parks in Texas and Colorado Bend is one of them. Located in the Hill Country in the heart...
Revuelto Gramajo, comfort on a plate
Revuelto Gramajo is the quintessential comfort food. It says “you’re home.”
Eden Hotel, a mountain resort for the wealthy
Popular belief has it that Eden Hotel was a “Nazi hotel”. Nestled in the hills of La Falda
Los Inmortales pizzeria, Buenos Aires
Los Inmortales is one of the well-established