About Me

Travel. Read. Write. Edit. Translate. Cook. Shop. Laundry. Dishes. Tennis. Jog. Hang out with friends. Keep in touch with my family.

I’ve always loved travelling. I was eight months old when I went on a trip for the first time. My parents and I went to Salta and Jujuy in Northern Argentina. I don’t remember anything, of course. I don’t believe in fortune-telling and the like, but when I was born, my mother read my horoscope and it said that I would travel a lot. Coincidence or not, whoever wrote that got it right.

I write about the places I’ve visited and the impact they’ve had on me. I’m fully bilingual and write in English as well as in Spanish on my travel blogs, Ana Travels  and Apuntes Ideas Imagenes. I’m keen on history as well, which I try to weave into my pieces as much as I can. I’ve had articles published in travel websites like Traveling Thru History and Wanderlust and Lipstick.
Spanish is my first language and English, my second, though now they jockey for position inside my head



By the way, I do not post third-party content (i.e. guest posts) and the like.