36 hours in Mar del Plata
I’m finally in Mar del Plata. The waiter brings a steaming cup of café con leche and three plump medialunas....
Waiting for the tour guide in Dallas Arts
There was little southbound traffic on the Dallas Parkway on that Saturday morning in late March. The drive from the...
High Tea at the Windsor Arms Hotel
  I’ve been meaning to take high tea here in Toronto
Discover Southern Ontario
There is more to Southern Ontario than Toronto and Niagara Falls:
Toronto travel tips
Make use of the public transport network, which is very good. The Subway, trolleys and buses take you everywhere. Cash...
Hot dogs: Chicago street food
Chicago style char beef dog
Hot dogs: Toronto’s iconic street food
Hmmmm hot dogs! I thought I’d join the lunchtime crowd at Nathan Phillips Square
Kensington Market, the bohemian side of Toronto
Kensington Market is a vibrant area, said to be among the best street markets in North America. I loved ambling along,...
Toronto city tour: the world in a bus ride
Toronto trivia: the city was originally named York. When New Amsterdam became New York, people began to call it Little...