Los Inmortales pizzeria, Buenos Aires
Los Inmortales is one of the well-established
Obelisco, iconic Buenos Aires landmark
¡Todos al Obelisco! is a frequent call to action after a sporting event, usually when a club wins
Merienda, the Argentinean afternoon snack
Merienda is a light afternoon meal that tides Argentineans over to dinner time.
Villa Ocampo, UNESCO Observatory of Arts
Victoria Ocampo’s white sunglasses
Emilio Caraffa Museum [Cordoba]
The building of the Emilio Caraffa Museum (Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes Emilio Caraffa – MEC) is a fascinating...
Old world charm at Las Violetas
The corner where Las Violetas was founded in September
The suspension bridges of Córdoba
My brother’s pickup truck jolted along the dirt road towards the suspension bridges of Copina. I lost count of the...
The National Library
For some, the National Library building
Los 36 Billares historic café
Los 36 Billares, founded in 1894, is one of the bares notables -historic bars and cafés- of Buenos Aires. I make a...
Gondola rides in Buenos Aires
Gondola rides in Buenos Aires? Why not! Recently, we were lucky enough to ride one of the gondolas managed by Góndolas...
Palo Santo Hotel, a sustainable boutique hotel
Palo Santo Hotel is a modern, sustainable boutique hotel located in the hip neighbourhood of Palermo in Buenos Aires....
Fresh pasta shops in Argentina
Pasta was introduced in Argentina by our Italian ancestors. They brought their flavors and traditions and successive...