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El afilador [The Sharpener]

afilador 2

I’m hanging the laundry out to dry at my parents’ home in Buenos Aires and I hear the familiar harmonica tune tee-dee- deee tee-dee-deeeee. I rush out the door but it’s too late, the sharpener has cycled past. A young couple…
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So what is a telo anyway?

A telo ad

You walk down, say, Tres Sargentos Street in the financial district of Buenos Aires and see a door with a discreet sign above that reads Hotel alojamiento. You see a suited-up man looking over his shoulder before going inside, followed…
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What the Brits left behind: football

The second installment in this series explores the history of one of the most popular sports in Argentina today: football. It can be said that the railway plays a key role here too since many clubs were founded by railway…
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Funny factura names (and their origin)

Would you eat a friar’s balls? Probably not unless you are in Argentina and have a sweet tooth. Facturas are, hands down, the most popular pastries in Argentina. They come in different sizes and shapes and with different fillings –…
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My 7 Links Project: older blog posts given a new lease of life

I was nominated by Ruth from Tanama Tales to participate in the “My 7 Links” project. I’ll be honest and say that I’d never heard of that project until Ruth included me in her list, but upon reading her post…
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