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Aahhh the food – Córdoba series 3

An assortment of German-style meats and sauerkraut (called chucrut here)

You know when you hear people mention something, say a kind of fruit, that you had no idea existed? That’s what happened to me with cuaresmillos, the Shangri-La of candied fruit for me. I had heard family members praise these…
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Guided visit to the Colón Opera House in Buenos Aires

Concert hall

What do vanilla wafers and Teatro Colón have in common? Opera! Teatro Colón is Argentina’s leading opera house, opened in 1908. Opera is also a popular brand of vanilla wafers made by a company called Bagley. They were launched in…
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Church and convent of San Francisco – Córdoba series 1

Igl y conve S. Fco4

A potted history of Córdoba first What happens when a subordinate disobeys the Viceroy’s orders? A new city is founded. Or, at any rate, that’s what happened with Córdoba. In 1673, the Viceroy of Perú, the head of one of…
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Barrancas de Belgrano park in Buenos Aires


Plaza Barrancas de Belgrano is a leafy public park located in the eponymous neighbourhood of Buenos Aires. Its downward slope (barranca) towards the river gave it its name and makes it unique in the city. Or rather, it slopes down…
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En route to Los Gigantes

A tree, a dry-stone wall, a cloud

- Go straight on, at the roundabout take the exit to Tanti and continue on that road. You’ll drive past Lo de Daniel, a popular steakhouse. Keep climbing until after the tarmac ends. There’s only one way up, you can’t…
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