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A historic pizzeria experience in Buenos Aires

Our "pizza de musarela'

Melted cheese, baked dough, cardboard boxes, and the vapors from the espresso machine. Any old, traditional pizzeria in Buenos Aires smells like that. El Cuartito is one of those pizzerias, founded in 1934. It is a no-frills, paper tablecloth on…
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Mazamorra, Argentinean white hominy pudding


¡Mazamorra caliente para las viejas sin dientes! “Hot mazamorra for toothless ladies” was how freedwomen and  slaves advertised their dessert for sale in the street at the top of their voices. Or, at any rate, this is the romanticized image…
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Aahhh the food – Córdoba series 3

An assortment of German-style meats and sauerkraut (called chucrut here)

You know when you hear people mention something, say a kind of fruit, that you had no idea existed? That’s what happened to me with cuaresmillos, the Shangri-La of candied fruit for me. I had heard family members praise these…
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Bread-making lesson with my grandmother – Córdoba series 2

Pan casero1

I love food. It makes me happy. It brings back cherished memories. It makes new memories as well. Food is comfort and nourishment for the soul and the body. It embodies whole cultures: food is identity. I have countless memories…
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Los ñoquis del 29: arugula gnocchi

noquis de rucula

Gnocchi is one of the many contributions of Italian immigrants to Argentinean cuisine. Gnocchi, which morphed into our ñoquis are, quite simply, a small flour and potato dumpling-like kind of pasta. Local lore has it that many of those early…
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