Lake Buchanan and a submerged town – Texas

If you don’t want to get funny looks from people, you’ll say /buhk hăn uhn/ when in Texas.

Lake Buchanan is located in the Hill Country of Central Texas. Like most lakes in the state, it was artificially created as a water and hydroelectric power supply for the region. We visited Lake Buchanan during one of our road trips around Texas.

We stayed at the Canyon of the Eagles Resort, located on the mouth of Lake Buchanan and the Colorado River. It’s about a four-hour drive south of Dallas. The views of the lake down below were beautiful. Bald eagles nest in the area during the winter. Unfortunately, we did not see any but we enjoyed the magnificence of the flight of other big birds of prey.

View of Lake Buchanan from the Canyon of the Eagles resort
View of Lake Buchanan from the Canyon of the Eagles resort

We took a cruise around the lake. Our guide, a retired schoolteacher, told us the story of the lake and the dam, completed in 1939. She even taught us the correct pronunciation of Burnet, a nearby town, with a rhyme that went like this: It’s Burnet, durn it, can’t you learn it?” Really easy to remember. She also pointed out the local birds like egrets and herons.

An egret
An egret

The cruise included a tour of the remains of the town of Bluffton. In 1931, when the authorities started to plan the construction of the dam, the town was moved a few miles away and the site flooded. A severe drought exposed the ruins in 2011, which have become a tourist attraction ever since.

There isn't much left of Bluffton. It's exactly Atlantis.
There isn’t much left of Bluffton. It’s not  exactly Atlantis.

Lake Buchanan, Texas3



28 thoughts on “Lake Buchanan and a submerged town – Texas

  1. I’d love to see the bald eagles, it looks like a lovely lake. Many of our Queensland ones were also man made for water catchment but they still have great wildlife and scenic value.


  2. Looks like a nice lake to spend a warm day! Would have been cool to see those eagles, but at least you got to see other water birds!

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  3. Enjoyed the pictures and comments on how to pronounce the name of the lake and near by town of Burnet. I was born the year the lake opened and spent nearly every summer there with my parents for a week then moving on to Garner State Park for another week. This was back in the days when you actually camped and didn’t carry your house with you on vacation. Back then our favorite camping spot was Black Rock Park. Never needed to call for reservations at any of the parks we stayed. It was really the “good old days”, no people to fight for a space, no noise, no lights. I thank God for having those days to grow up in.


    1. Thank you for sharing your memories! I’m always interested to hear what it was like back in the day. And thank you for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment.


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