7 things to do in Chicago

Chicago offers a wide variety of things to do and places to visit, from museums to famous ball parks. I put together a list of places we enjoyed visiting and explain why.

Chicago Riverwalk

Take a nice, easy stroll along the river walk in downtown Chicago. The river walk is said to have been inspired by that of San Antonio. Stop for a drink or a meal at one of the bars. Watch the water jet from the Centennial Fountain arc across the river every hour on the hour. The fountain is located on the north bank at McClurg Court.

Why visit

Walking is a healthy and enjoyably activity in itself. Also, you see Chicago form a different perspective.

Chicago Cultural Center (78 E Washington St.)

The gorgeous Tiffany dome

Drop by the Chicago Cultural Centre on your way to or from Millenium Park. Take your time to admire the 100 year old building, which began life in 1887 as the city’s first central public library and Civil War Memorial. All kinds of cultural events take place here.

Why visit

To admire the world’s largest Tiffany dome (38 feet in diameter –Look out for your zodiac sign at the top) as well as the intricate inlaid marble designs on the walls.

Union Station (225 South Canal St.)

Union Station

This Art Deco beauty was opened in 1925. The magnificent Great Hall is a nice place to sit quietly while watching passengers coming and going. It is not difficult to transport yourself to a bygone era in this setting.

Why visit

If you like railway stations and movies, this is the perfect place. A scene from the 1987 film The Untouchables takes place in one of the staircases inside the station.

Chicago Public Library – Harold Washington Library Center (400 South State St.)

The Winter Garden a tthe Chicago Public Library

This building is difficult to describe. It’s considered Neo Classical but to me it looks like a hodgepodge of styles and symbols. Its most striking feature is the barn owls perched at the four corners of the roof, which I thought were dragons at first. The rooms are quiet and smell like a proper library. The library was named after Chicago’s first African American mayor.

Why visit

For the Winter Garden on the 10th floor.

Chinatown (Cermak-Chinatown station on the Red Line)

A view of Chinatown

I’ve been to other Chinatowns and I’ve found them dirty and smelly. On the contrary, Chicago’s Chinatown is clean and tidy. We browsed the shops at Chinatown Square outdoor mall, where we also had a delicious lunch.

Why visit

For the food and shopping.

Wrigley Field (1060 W Addison St)

We’re on a mission from God

Wrigley Field is the home of the Chicago Cubs, Chicago’s beloved Major League Baseball team. Although guided tours are available, we just wanted to see the place where a scene from the film The Blues Brothers take place (the one where the brothers gave the stadium’s address as their own). We then had fantastic sandwiches for lunch t Lucky’s Sandwich Company (3472 N. Clark St).

Why visit

Ideal for baseball fans and film buffs. I’m neither but I still enjoyed the visit.

Lincoln Park

The North Pond

The Lincoln Park Zoo dates from 1868 and it’s one of the few free admission zoos in the country. In my opinion, the most beautiful part of the park is the North Pond Nature Sanctuary.

Why visit

For the view of Chicago’s skyline, the zoo and the beautiful gardens.

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Hi, I’m Ana. I’m originally from Argentina but I’m currently living in Dallas (USA) with my British husband. I’d like to share my experiences as an expat and as a traveller.

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  1. I was just recently in Chicago and I LOVED their Riverwalk! I rented a bike and biked along there and it was great when the sun was out. And the view of the skyline from Lincoln Park Zoo is super impressive, I must say! Your list is spot on. It sounds like you had a good time there. 🙂


  2. Great post Ana! I’ve never been to Chicago but i’d love to go (even more so after reading this!). The winter gardens looks like such a beautiful building and I can see myself wasting away an afternoon lazing in Lincoln Park now! Fab list 🙂



  3. I was in Chicago once, ages ago, when I was at uni, but have to admit I don’t remember much of the sites. Looks like I should return for a closer look. Would love to see the Tiffany dome


  4. Aaahh…my beloved Chi-Town. I lived there in Lincoln Park for 3 years while in school, and sadly, the majority of my time was spent studying. I really have major regrets about all of the great things I missed while in Chicago. I especially regret not ever going to a Cubs game at Wrigley. So a return trip to rediscover the place I once called home is definitely in order. Thanks for the inspiration!


    • Lincoln Park seemed like a nice place to live, especially directly across the street from the park.

      I’m glad you enjoyed this post and I hope you have a great time revisiting Chicago.


  5. Great list! Personally, instead of saying “Chinatown” would suggest the “neighborhoods.” From Little Village to Humboldt Park to see the Puerto Rican flag, Uptown (Little Vietnam), to Korea Town to Rogers Park (For Indian food) to Greek Town the list of cultures and their respective neighborhoods is like nothing else in America. Hands down the best city to visit if you enjoy food & culture.


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