Buenos Aires

10 things to do in Buenos Aires

You’re in Buenos Aires now. Linger over coffee after your meal. There’s no rush. The waiter is not going to slap the check on the table while you’re still chewing on your food. This is also part of the meal and we call it sobremesa. Relax. Enjoy. Bond with your companions.

Don’t fret over tips. Tips are expected in the service industry, of course. Tips are about 10 to 15% of the total charge. If you make a small purchase, like a cup of coffee, round it up and leave the change. The same goes for taxis; drivers don’t expect tips. If you’re feeling generous, round it up and tell them to keep the change, “Quédese con el vuelto”.

Crossing the streets of Buenos Aires can be daunting. Pedestrians need to be aware of vehicular and bicycle traffic. Make sure you look both ways and don’t expect drivers to give way. They may not, especially going round the corner. Be brave yet cautious.

Buenos Aires
Watch out

Take a crash course on Argentinean history. Visit the Recoleta cemetery, where everyone from Independence heroes to former presidents is buried.

Live and breathe tango in San Telmo. Catch a tango show or simply sit under the trees in Plaza Dorrego (on the corner of Defensa and Humberto Primo Streets) and enjoy the street performances. Tip the dancers.

Buenos Aires
Street dancers in San Telmo

Drown your sorrows in a bucket of helado. Porteños, as Buenos Aires inhabitants are known, love their ice-cream. Italian immigrants brought gelato making techniques with them and later generations experimented with new flavours. Any heladeria artesanal will do, but among the best are Volta, Persicco, Freddo, Juauja, and Chungo.

Go back in time at one of the Cafes Notables (historic cafes). Enjoy the quintessentially porteño combo of café con leche con medialunas in an old world atmosphere. The croissants are smaller, denser and sweeter than their French counterparts but delicious nonetheless.

Buenos Aires

Experience the traditional atmosphere and old-fashioned pizza at one of the pizzerias notables (historic pizzerias): Banchero, Los Inmortales, Las Curtetas, El Cuartito, Kentucky, to name a few.

Get to know famous cartoon characters at Paseo de la Historieta (Cartoon Walk) in Montserrat, San Telmo and Puerto Madero. This walk pays homage to those characters beloved by generations of Argentineans.

Go cycling or power walking in Costanera Sur, and enjoy great views of Buenso Aires. Reward yourself with a choripán (sausage sandwich) or a bondiola (grilled pork) sandwich at one of the parrilla stands.



10 thoughts on “10 things to do in Buenos Aires

  1. Has despertado una cantidad de recuerdos en mi , y en mi familia….
    Mi hermano nació en Buenos Aires , así que Argentina sigue siendo presente en nuestras almas.
    Mil gracias por esta entrada !


  2. Hello Ana – My husband and will in Beunos Aires for 3 days before boarding a cruise ship sailing around South America. It will be our first time there. I have heard it is the perfect place to visit for custom made leather goods. My husband still wears the same leather jacket as he wore when we were married 46 years ago. Could you please tell me the best place to shop. I understand that they can measure you one day and have the jacket ready for you the next day. Having a new jacket made for him would make this trip so very special in more ways than one. The ship includes 2 days stay at the Sheraton and the travel agent is looking at adding an extra day for us. Sorry I do not have the address of the Sheraton. Thank You in advance for any suggestions you may have.


    1. Hi Joan. This sounds like a trip of a lifetime! I hope you both enjoy it. Unfortunately, I never heard of a taylor who can make a leather jacket overnight. The best shop (and rather expensive too) is Casa Lopez at the Plaza San Martin end of Florida Street. There are tons of shops that sell leather goods along Florida too. If you have the time, you could try the shops on Murillo St, especially Murillo 666. Hope this helps.


      1. Thank You Ana. Will get a map when we are there and check it out. I really couldn’t believe it when I heard they could do it overnight. If I do find one who can, I will let you know. Our trip is in 2017 so for now will keep searching.


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