Traveling Man

The Traveling Man

The Traveling Man is a fun sculpture installationin Deep Ellum. Deep Ellum, located on the east side of downtown Dallas, was a commercial hub in the late 1800s. Even Ford built an assembly plant for the Model T here in 1914. One of the reasons Deep Ellum thrived was its proximity to the Houston and Texas Central railroad tracks. After World War II, the increased popularity of the automobile meant that the tracks had to be removed to make way for the Central Expressway, which slashes the city like a scar. This marked the beginning of Deep Ellum’s decline.

Traveling Man

Nowadays, Deep Ellum is arising from the ashes and has become a thriving neighbourhood, with lots of bars, restaurants, boutiques and art galleries.

A few years ago, the DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) opened the Deep Ellum Rail Station on the Green Line. In order to celebrate Deep Ellum and its public transport heritage, the Traveling Man series was commissioned to renowned local artist Brandon Oldenburg and Brad Oldham. Soon, these three installations became Deep Ellum’s iconic images.

Traveling Man 3

The installations, called Awakening, Walking Tall, and Waiting on a Train­, can be found at three different sites near DART’s Deep Ellum Rail Station at Swiss and Good-Latimer, Gaston and Good-Latimer and Elm and Good-Latimer.

All Traveling Man sculptures are made of burnished stainless steel and reflect the sunlight beautifully. They bring a smile to my face every time. To me, the stainless steel guy and his bird pals symbolize friendship and companionship.

Find out more about Deep Ellum here.

Traveling Man, Deep Ellum, Dallas

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