Summer Palace, Beijing

drumroll I hereby open a new section on my blog called Postcards from Past Travels, in which I revive snippets from my travels diaries of the pre-digital era. I have written travel diaries for a long time and I like revisiting them every once in a while. Now I can share with you moments of my travels in translation (i.e. my own translations from my travel diaries written in Spanish)

The photos accompanying these pieces are scanned from the original printed ones, so the quality may not be excellent but they have a certain charm, don’t you think?

Where? The Summer Palace, Beijing, China

When? Wednesday, September 29, 1997

Summer Palace, Beijing

On Wednesday, I visited the Summer Palace by myself (actually, with our lovely tour guide). This palace was built for the only Empress ever to rule China. It’s a beautiful place. There’s a very pretty artificial lake and a roofed gallery that is 728 metres long. Each of its four kiosks represents one season.”

That’s it on the palace. I may have been too tired to write more but I think I got the main points!


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