Los Inmortales

Los Inmortales pizzeria, Buenos Aires

Los Inmortales is one of the well-established historic pizzerias of Buenos Aires. Founded in 1952 by two friends, he company went from one restaurant on Avenida Corrientes to 5 restaurants around the city.

Los Inmortales

Pizza is part of the porteño culture and Porteño refers to a person who lives in a port city, such as Buenos Aires. This was the gateway into Argentina for millions of immigrants, mainly in the late 19th and early to mid-20th centuries. My own Italian and Spanish ancestors among them. Italian immigrants influenced greatly the local culture. They brought their regional cuisines and introduced new ingredients. A family friend always recalls how his mother brought arugula seedlings with her on the ship, for example.

We used to eat at Los Inmortales as a family. Not long ago, I took my husband to the original restaurant on Avenida Corrientes for a true porteño experience.

Los Inmortales

The restaurant is long and narrow, with wall-length mirrors on one side and photos of well-known artists, actors, and tango singers. These are the Immortals whose artistic legacy has shaped local culture through the generations. A mural depicting Carlos Gardel, the quintessential tango singer, dominates the dining room. It was unveiled on June 24, 1955, on the 20th anniversary of the iconic tanguero’s death in a place crash in Colombia.

Los Inmortales

As soon as we sat down, our waiter brought a basket of deliciously crispy pizza bread. We were already in heaven. We ordered the pizza I remembered from childhood, with mushrooms, mozzarella and provolone cheeses.  Gooey and cheese, the crust was the perfect complement to this cheese bomb. Any self-respecting pizza in Buenos Aires like this one comes out the wood-burning oven with a sprinkling of oregano, olive oil and a few green olives. Forget holding it with your hands, it’s strictly a fork and knife affair. Or a visit to the cleaner’s later.

Los Inmortales 4

We got there relatively early, maybe 9 o’clock or 9.30 and had no problem finding a table. Because Los Inmortales is located in the middle of the theatre district, it got busier as the night progressed. Also, Argentineans eat late. This branch stays open until 3 am.

Los Inmortales practical info

Lavalle 746

Corrientes 1369

Paraná 1209

Mendoza 2330

Paseo de la Bahía, Bahía Grande, Nordelta.


Los Inmortales is one of the famous historic pizzerias of Buenos Aires. Founded in 1952, the original restaurant is located in the Theater District.



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