The Dallas Farmers Market

It’s difficult to imagine that at one point in the past, farmers rolled into town in horse-drawn carriages to bring their produce. They used their carts as stalls. Nowadays, they roll in pickup trucks and the makeshift market on what is now South Pearl Expressway and Cadiz Street became first a warehouse (1939) and then a proper municipal market (1941). Ever since that time, both homemakers and restaurant owners have shopped at the Dallas Farmers Market for fresh fruit, vegetables, and meats.

Dallas Farmers' Market//

The market has undergone a significant process of renovation and expansion in the last few years. The first time we came to the market, years ago, we browsed the stalls in the retailers’ shed. Some of the produce was touted as local, but I don’t think it was unless the borders shifted and we now belong to, say, California. There weren’t music numbers nor tables to sit and eat.

Dallas Farmers' Market//

Nowadays, the Dallas Farmers Market has become a fun place to visit. It also brought about the gentrification of the area and a real estate boom. It went from being a place where no one wanted to be around after sunset to a hipster neighbourhood.

I should add that the Dallas Farmers Market is a fun place to visit and stock up on fresh produce and it’s close to downtown Dallas. If you’re looking to buy food, make your way to The Shed. You’ll also find ethnic foods and drinks you can consume there and then. Be aware that the vendors change periodically, so you may not find them on your next visit. This happened to me with the seller of some delicious Brazilian brigadeiros. Here one day, gone the next.

Dallas Farmers' Market//

The Market houses four restaurants and a big food court. My favorite stands are Si Tapas for their fabulous tapas and it’s practically the only place where we can get black pudding in Dallas. You can tell the owner is a Spaniard! If you get the chance, go to the actual restaurant in Uptown. The other place I like is the Taquería La Ventana. Their tacos are very fresh and tasty and they make a delicious flan. Extra points for the seating area. I also love Scardello’s, the cheese monger. Their selection of cheeses and cold cuts is to die for. They also sell salads and sandwiches. Their shop is in Oak Lawn.

The Dallas Farmers Market [Texas] has become a fun place to visit and eat in the city. Fresh produce stalls and a food court cater to everybody's tastes.


1010 S. Pearl Expressway, Dallas, Texas 75201

Opens every day from 10 to 5.

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