Hidden Dallas: teddy bear sculptures

The other day, I got to sit on a teddy bear’s lap. It wasn’t soft and cuddly, but hard and unyielding. The teddy bear in question is a concrete sculpture hidden away in Lakeshore Park, in the tony Highland Park neighbourhood of Dallas.

teddy bear sculptures dallas

It’s not just the one, but a group of four teddy bear sculptures. To me, it looks like a mama bear and three cubs. The statues are located on Lakeside Park, in the historical Lakeside District on Exall Lake and Turtle Creek. The homes, or, at any rate, the ones that can be seen from the road, are stately and beautiful. Most date from the turn of the 20th century. The teddy bear sculptures were donated to Highland Park by the Harlan Crow family in 1995. Harlan Crow is a local real estate magnate and philanthropist.

teddy bear sculptures dallas

Aren’t they just so darn cute?

teddy bear sculptures dallas

We got coffee and pastries and sat on a bench in front of the lake. We watched a beautiful egret swoop in and out, the head of a swimming turtle bobbing in and out of the water and families with small children take pictures with the bears. We did that too!

teddy bear sculptures dallas

It’s such a lovely place to sit and relax!

teddy bear sculptures dallas


Pin away! The teddy bear sculptures were a gift to the city by a local family. The bears are located next to a lake in tony Highland Park, Dallas, TX

2 thoughts on “Hidden Dallas: teddy bear sculptures

  1. Hi there, I am so glad that you found those bears. My father made the granite teddy bears at Highland Park and also at Turtle Creek/SMU. His name is Jerry Williams and his granite studio is called Barre Sculpture Studio and is located in Barre, Vermont.


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