Lovely Nordic church in Buenos Aires

The influx of European immigrants in the 19th and early 20th centuries has left an enduring legacy in Argentina. Our language, food, literature, and architecture would be vastly different without that influence. Not better nor worse, just different. One of those national groups that came and enriched our culture were the Scandinavians. Today, we can appreciate their legacy in the Nordic Church of Buenos Aires, which serves the Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish and all Lutheran communities. Nowadays, most services are held in Spanish.

Nordic church, Buenos Aires

The church was built in the mid-1940s, although the Swedish congregation had been active since 1918 in rented halls. The main aim of this church was to provide pastoral care to Swedish sailors in Buenos Aires. Initially, the church was Swedish, but later it included other dwindling Scandinavian congregations. The image behind the simple altar, Jesus calling the fishermen, represents that nautical motif. It was painted in Stockholm in the 1980s by Swedish artist Kuno Haglund.

Nordic church, Buenos Aires

The Nordic church is not as touristy as other temples, so you may want to give them a call ahead of your visit and make sure that there will be someone to open the door and show you around. I didn’t call ahead but I was lucky that the secretary, Ms. Eva Jeppsson was available. She very kindly showed me the chapel and explained its history. Ms. Jeppsson was also very patient and agreed to read out verses from the Bible in Swedish for me. I loved its stark, simple beauty. The multi-coloured light coming in through the stained-glass windows made a pleasant contrast to the white walls and dark wood. The pulpit was beautifully carved in light wood.

Nordic church, Buenos Aires

The Club Sueco restaurant rents a space within the church hall. They serve Smorgasbords, lunch, and brunch. It’s advisable to make reservations.

I didn’t know about this church until very recently. I love discovering unknown-to-me places in my hometown. Do you also love to explore your home turf as well?

Tuesdays to Fridays 11 am to 3 pm. 

Eva Jeppsson, Karin Hatzenbuhler 


Phone (+54 11) 4361-7304

Address: Azopardo 1428, Buenos Aires.

Club Sueco restaurant: (+54 11) 4307-3849

The Nordic Church in Buenos Aires is a little known Lutheran temple where the Nordic community and its descendants meet to worship and socialise. #buenosaires #nordicchurch #Argentina

4 thoughts on “Lovely Nordic church in Buenos Aires

  1. Que lindo es ver a nuestra vieja iglesia en BA. Nosotros somos de descendencia sueca y papa siempre quería que fuéramos a esta iglesia por lo menos una ves al anio. Me acuerdo el día 25 de Diciembre habría que levantarse temprano para llegar a tiempo. Veniamos de Martinez (barrio norte) y el viejo tenia un Buick amplio del ’49. Como pibe, incluso mis hermanos, preferíamos quedarnos en casa para jugar con los nuevos chiches (especialmente una nueva bici) en ves de ir a la misa sueca. En fin, había que hacer el esfuerzo y tomar ordenes del viejo! En total no era tan mal porque al final servian Kakor och svensk jull vete broed, you will know that if you are Swedish. Really fascinated to see the pictures you took both in
    and out; I will show them to my colleagues at the church here in Vancouver, BC where I work as a custodian. I always like the sound of the organ then and now. By the way, is your background Swedish, Norwegian or Danish. Thanks for posting these pics. and comments. Anders Kottmeier. If you want to write to me you can reach me at :


    1. Hi Anders!
      Gracias por pasar y comentar. Me alegra que mi post traiga lindos recuerdos.
      No tengo ascendencia escandinava, sino española y algo de italiana. Fui a esa iglesia porque me fascina el arte y la historia de esos templos.


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