Love Field Airport

Get behind the scenes at Love Field Airport

Love Field Airport in one of the airports that serve the Dallas Metroplex. It is conveniently located seven miles northwest of the financial district, down Mockingbird Avenue. It serves commercial airlines like Southwest, Delta and Alaska/Virgin, as well as corporate users. Although the City of Dallas owns and operates Love Field, the airport is self-supported.

Let’s pretend you’re about to fly out of Love Field.

You can get there by public transport. Take the DART to Inwood/Love Field station and then the Love Link 524 bus to the terminal. It runs every 15/20 minutes. Or you can drive yourself and either park at the remote parking or at the terminal parking garage. At the time of writing, April 2018, construction work was going on to enlarge the car park. It will feature art through the City of Dallas Public Art Program, whose aim is to integrate visual art into public spaces.

Love Field Airport


You walk into the Ticketing/Check-In hall. Once you’ve checked in, if you haven’t done it online already, take time to admire the artwork. The History of Dallas Medallions by David Newton represent the fertile land, an homage to the early settlers, Dallas’ intense cultural life, and the city’s standing in the high-tech and medical fields. Look at the magnificent campanile windows by local artist Octavio Medellin. Aren’t they beautiful? These fused glass windows used to hang in the bell tower of the Trinity Lutheran Church and were salvaged from demolition and donated to the City of Dallas.

Love Field Airport

You’ll find the Moss Lee Love Garden off the ticketing hall. The bronze helmet, goggles, WWI flight coat, and gloves allude to Lt. Moss Love, after whom the airport is named. At the time, tradition dictated that airfields should be named after fallen pilots, whether they were associated with the city or not.  Moss Love died in an aircraft accident in California.

Now you move on to the security checkpoint. You’ll be greeted by none other than a 12-feet-tall, bronze Texas ranger installed in 1961. The gorgeous tile mural to your left depicts a North Texas sunrise. I love all the wildflowers! Look down, on the terrazzo floor is a map of the world.

Love Field Airport

Now, at the Main Concourse, look up at the hanging sculpture called Sky. It’s made of fiberglass, stainless steel, aluminium, brass and LED lights. It contains about 3000 flying objects, from birds and bees to modern airplanes. The LED lights create atmospheric effects.

The Main Concourse, where the gates are located, has a children’s bathroom, a nursing room, and a playroom called Lil’ Luv Lounge. Travelling with the kids is a breeze at Love Field! If you happen to be travelling with your pet or service dog, you’ll find the pet park at the end of the Baggage Claim Hall. There is also a small pet relief are near the taxi rank.

Love Field Airport

Where does your baggage go after you check it?

This is the baggage handling operation.

This is what the outside of the baggage claim area looks like:

Love Field Airport

If a bag needs additional scanning for security reasons, the TSA robots have made the TSA agents’ life a lot easier. Love Field applies leading technology in this field.


Love Field airport facts

  • Love Field started operating in 1917.
  • The Dunkin Donuts at the Meet/Greet area is open 24/7.
  • 14 million passengers pass through Love Field airport every year.
  • The Cowboys, Rangers, Stars, and Mavericks fly in and out of Love Field.
  • Lyndon B. Johnson took the oath of office right here in Love Field on November 22, 1963. He was one of only five presidents to be sworn in outside Washington DC.
  • Love Field started as a military facility during World War I, it was a flight training camp.
  • During World War II, the WAFS (Women’s Auxiliary Ferrying Squadrons) operated out of Love Field.


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10 thoughts on “Get behind the scenes at Love Field Airport

  1. Awesome tip about DART. I had no idea it wen to Love Field. The fused glass window hangings look cool! Such a novel idea to have a children’s bathroom, other airports should take note.


  2. Wow! Thank you for this detailed tour and guide of the Love Field Airport! I’ve never been to this airport before, but if ever I do on my future travels I won’t get lost for sure! 🙂

    The pet park and a small pet relief sounds like an amazing facility. And the children’s bathroom and other facilities for kids sounds great too.


  3. Totally love the name of this airport, Love Field. Sounds very romantic. I love checking out airports so I loved reading your post. Felt like you were a tour guide and I got a good insight to the place. Love the video of the baggage area, its amazing what goes on behind the scenes.


  4. Love Field is an interesting airport, it does not only serve its passengers’ travel needs. It also provides some bit of artworks and history too! The baggage handling operation is also an interesting insight. Equally interesting are the historical and trivial facts associated with this uniquely named airport.


  5. I LOVE airports that provide activities and artsy decors— it makes your experience almost better especially if you have to wait there for a long layover! Gosh! This is perfect. More airports should be inspired by this. I love seeing artworks.


  6. That was absolutely an interesting read. Airport name – Love field that is really cool and I enjoyed reading the facts you shared about it. Those windows are really attractive and it seems to have a great decor.


  7. I’ve seen that ‘Sky’ art exhibit just two months ago. I also snapped some pictures of it! In fact, that was the first time I could remember having traveled through Dallas. I actually really loved walking around the airport during my three-hour layover there. It’s a very beautiful airport, with many classy upgrades, and more to come, too! I loved how there were lots of fun eating spots right in the middle of the walkways, and a beautiful snack shop with lit-up shelves and all the snacks arranged in rainbow colors! It looked more like art than a store! Thanks for sharing your bbehind-the-scenes tour with us!


  8. It’s nice they have some beautiful artwork to look at in the airport. It’s interesting to see behind the scenes. I have never been able to see the baggage handling operation at an airport.


  9. Love Field Airport!! I have not heard of this one. You know why this post interested me? I work for a company that is into advertising at airports and I can see some very cool and interesting panels here! The sky exhibit particularly has sparked my interest.


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