About Me

Travel. Read. Write. Edit. Translate. Cook. Shop. Laundry. Dishes. Tennis. Jog. Hang out with friends. Keep in touch with my family.

I write about the places I’ve visited and the impact they’ve had on me. I’m fully bilingual and write in English as well as in Spanish. I’m keen on history as well, which I try to weave into my pieces as much as I can.

Click to read my portfolio.

By the way, I do not post third-party content (i.e. guest posts) and the like.



18 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I should have read your introduction first! I couldn’t commiserate more on the following of the husband existence! I’m not incredibly thrill seeking either, and feel I have enough on my plate just trying to communicate in another language, and not get lost in all the new environments. But I think by experiencing culture shock regularly, this is no ordinary life! May that make us better and more imaginative writers!!


  2. Ana:
    Thanks for offering tips on your home town. I will be arriving in Buenos Aires on January 9 on a cruise ship and flying to Ottawa, Canada, where my three children, girls, reside on January 17. So I plan on renting an apartment in the Palermo district for 8 days. What do you think of that idea? Dale dale.moores@hotmail.com


  3. I’m a trailing spouse in an intercultural marriage as well – I followed my Spanish husband from the US to Costa Rica to Spain to Toronto and finally, China. Although in the case of Toronto he was actually the trailing spouse. 😉 I look forward to following your adventures in Ontario (I miss it!) and your experiences with MatadorU. (I’m a student as well but I’m afraid I got WAY behind due to recent move.) Looks like I should also check out Mara’s blog.


  4. I saw that Charlotte, NC, is on your list of places to go. Please look me up when you are traveling to NC – my American husband and I (German native) live two hours north in a suburb of Greensboro.


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  7. I smiled when I read your “Sometimes I don’t know who I am anymore, I adopted new ideas and customs but refuse to let go of the old ones and sometimes they clash and leave my head spinning.” I live in South Africa as well as Florida, and I’m actually from England, so I know what you mean. 🙂


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