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The Royal Ontario Museum: understanding the past, making sense of the present

The Royal Ontario Museum is Canada’s largest museum. Its collections spotlights art, culture and nature from across the world and the centuries. Located very close to the University of Toronto, its mission is to “transform lives by helping people to understand the past, make sense of the present and come together to shape a shared future.”

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Where to eat in Montreal

Sometimes, your carefully made plans don’t pan out. You wanted to eat, say, poutine at Montreal’s best-rated place. You get there only to find a long queue outside the place. It’s 9 o’clock on a frigid December night. No food is worth the agony of waiting in the snow, you think. Time to activate plan…

Where to eat in Montreal:

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Travel memories: Barrie (Ontario)

Barrie is a lovely Victorian town located in central Ontario, Canada, about 90 km (56 mi) north of Toronto. We loved setting out to explore the province of Ontario when we lived in Toronto.  I especially loved the gorgeous Victorian downtowns, so pristine and extremely well-kept.   Barrie is one of those towns. It was…

Barrie, Ontario

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Old Town Toronto walk

Old Town Toronto began as the Town of York, founded in 1793 as part of the British colony of Upper Canada. The city was incorporated in 1834 and renamed Toronto. The Great Fire of 1849 destroyed most of its wooden buildings, which were replaced by solid brick constructions, mostly Second Empire or Georgian in style.…

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