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What to see and do and what to eat in France.

Cathars and bastides in the Languedoc

In South West France, pensioners playing pétanque in the place, patrons sipping strong dark coffee, enjoying the peace and quiet. In the countryside, fig trees, orchards, vineyards, sunflower fields, corn fields cover the gently rolling hills like a multicolour patchwork quilt. This is the Languedoc today, that medieval fairy-tale land of the troubadours and courtly…

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Toulouse, the ville rose

Toulouse is known as la ville rose for the pink bricks used to build the oldest buildings. It also has a large student population thanks to its many universities and colleges. I would call Toulouse la ville rose for the young. Toulouse witnessed firsthand many historical moments. For example, during World War I the city…


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Dinan, a Breton gem

Dinan is a walled town located in the department of Côtes-d’Armor, overlooking the River Rance, in the Brittany region. We visited Dinan during one of our incursions into France when we lived in Jersey. We took the ferry to St-Malo and then drove around. The history of Dinan goes back many, many centuries. Some of…


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