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A flying visit to Cambridge

We arrived in Cambridge in the early afternoon, later than we would have liked. In November, days are short so we’d have only a few hours of daylight to see the sights. We hadn’t planned the visit very carefully. We parked on Queen’s Road, a narrow, tree-lined street behind some of the colleges. “We seem…

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London’s Little Venice

When I think of canals, I think of Venice or Amsterdam. But I recently discovered that these aren’t the only cities crisscrossed by canals. Good old London has them too! London’s (and Britain’s) canal system was a child of the Industrial Revolution and its demand for cheap transport for goods and commodities. It may sound…

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The Poppy

As my country does not belong to the Commonwealth or fought in either of the World Wars, I had no idea that a poppy was worn on Remembrance Day (11th November) as a tribute to the fallen in battle. I learned about it a few years back when we were in England. Sean had dropped…

Lt Col John McRae's birthplace - Guelph

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The English pub

A bit of history The pub is a time-honoured English institution. The word pub derives from the phrase public house, a drinking establishment. Its origins an be traced back to the times of the Roman occupation of Britain. The Romans established a network of tabernae, or inns. After the Romans left, the Anglo-Saxons took up…

The pub is a time-honoured English institution.There is at least one pub in every village, if not more. Order your pint and crisps at the bar. Cheers!

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