The Poppy

As my country does not belong to the Commonwealth or fought in either of the World Wars, I had no idea that a poppy was worn on Remembrance Day (11th November) as a tribute to the fallen in battle. I learned about it a few years back when we were in England. Sean had dropped…

Lt Col John McRae's birthplace - Guelph

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West Texas Road Trip

We left on Friday after a fantastic lunch of brisket tamales at Emelia’s in The Colony. Our first port of call in our West Texas road trip was Mineral Wells, described in the guidebook as a “winning town.” I beg to differ. Its first impression was that of a rundown, depressing place. The welcome committee…

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The English pub

A bit of history The pub is a time-honoured English institution. The word pub derives from the phrase public house, a drinking establishment. Its origins an be traced back to the times of the Roman occupation of Britain. The Romans established a network of tabernae, or inns. After the Romans left, the Anglo-Saxons took up…

The pub is a time-honoured English institution.There is at least one pub in every village, if not more. Order your pint and crisps at the bar. Cheers!

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Luján, between faith and history

The view of the basilica, with its looming spires, never fails to impress. It’s Luján, Argentina’s epicentre of Catholic faith, where miracles are prayed for and where thousands go on pilgrimage every year hoping that Our Lady of Luján will hear their pleas. This time round we skipped the basilica and headed to the History…

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