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Durham [UK]: practical guide

You may already be familiar with Durham even if you’ve never been here. I’ll tell you why. If you watched Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, you’ll remember the scene in which Harry teaches Hedwig to fly and the scene in which Ron throws up those disgusting giant slugs in HP and the Chamber of…


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A day visit to Cambridge

We arrived in Cambridge in the early afternoon, later than we would have liked. In November, days are short so we’d have only a few hours of daylight to see the sights. We hadn’t planned the visit very carefully. We parked on Queen’s Road, a narrow, tree-lined street behind some of the colleges. “We seem…

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London’s Little Venice

When I think of canals, I think of Venice or Amsterdam. But I recently discovered that these aren’t the only cities crisscrossed by canals. Good old London has them too! London’s (and Britain’s) canal system was a child of the Industrial Revolution and its demand for cheap transport for goods and commodities. It may sound…

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